We are educators interested in providing the highest quality of supplementary tutoring services for students who need academic help. We come from all different backgrounds, but we are united in our common passion for teaching. Simply stated: we hold ourselves to a higher standard and encourage our students to achieve and perform their best. 


We provide an unparalleled level of tutoring for standardized tests (SAT/PSAT/SAT II/ACT/AP) as well as overall GPA management. We strongly believe in quality over quantity in terms of tutoring, evidenced by our strict adherence to small group and individualized instruction. 


By integrating the latest in education technology ("the new") with time-tested teaching methods ("the old"), we attempt to strike a delicate balance between being too progressive and too traditional. We hope that our passion and dedication to our students combined with our individual expertise in our various fields of study contribute to an optimal learning experience.  

Grace Shin • Boston University

"Navigating success is a difficult journey with [college] applications, SAT, etc., but A1 knows how to guide students in the right direction, whichever way that may be." 


At A1 College Prep, we understand that every student is unique, each with different sets of skills, academic needs, and learning styles. For this reason, we design a learning plan specifically tailored to meet each student’s needs. 

Academic consulting at A1 College Prep involves a 5-step process: Discovery, Analysis, Planning, Review, and Implementation. 

Our goal is to empower students with the knowledge and study skills necessary to become independent thinkers and learners, helping students gain the confidence they need to find their own paths to success.  


Founded and directed by Sarah Park, A1 College Prep is an academic tutoring center focused on standardized test preparation and overall GPA management.  



A1 College Prep is different. People expect learning centers to be solely dedicated to educational purposes. However, here at A1 College Prep, we develop students as a whole by cultivating both educational and leadership skills. Our mission is to enable students to build good habits that will ultimately help them overcome different obstacles in their educational and professional careers.


Every  student is unique, and we are committed to finding the strengths and  weaknesses of each student to devise an appropriate learning  program. 


We provide individualized academic programs to fit each student's needs. 

Strategic Planning

Our teachers adapt their lessons to engage their student's interests and accentuate their strengths. 


We are dedicated to helping each student recognize and achieve all of their goals. 


Our programs are specially designed to provide students with the necessary  skills to excel not only at school, but also in life.  


We are concerned with helping students succeed by using empathy,  encouragement, and humor to establish a supportive relationship.