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A1 College Prep - Committed to Excellence in Education

Our Vision

At A1 College Prep we understand that every student is unique, each with a different sets of skill, academic needs, and learning style. For this reason, we design a learning plan specifically tailored to meet each student’s needs. Academic consulting at A1 College Prep involves a 5-step process: Discovery, Analysis, Planning, Review, and Implementation. Our goal is to empower students with the knowledge and study skills necessary to become independent thinkers and learners, helping students gain the confidence they need to find their own paths to success.  



Every student is unique, and we are committed to finding the strengths and weaknesses of each student to craft an appropriate learning program. We offer an academic assessment and consultation to get to know each student and understand their individual goals and challenges both inside and outside of the classroom. At A1 College prep, we believe in taking a holistic approach to education. Our educators work to cultivate students' educational and leadership skills, and it all starts with getting to know them. 



By analyzing each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, our tutors are able to provide individualized academic programs to fit each student's needs. Whether it be through collaborative learning in a group setting or personal one-on-one development, A1 has the flexible programs to suit any student’s needs. Our educators come from backgrounds in education, humanities, and STEM fields, and we are able to pair each student with a teacher who will help them grow. 

Strategic Planning


Our teachers adapt their lessons to engage their student’s interests and accentuate their strengths. By integrating the latest in education technology with time tested teaching methods, we strike a balance between progressive and traditional learning. This progressive approach means that our curriculums grow with our students, and we are ready to adapt to their developing skills and needs. 



We are dedicated to helping each student recognize and achieve their academic and personal goals. Whether it be a standardized test score, a GPA, or a grade on an essay, our educators take care and pride in getting a student where they want to be. Each session starts with a specific goal and ends with an assessment of the student’s progress. Daily reports written by teachers allow students to keep track of their journey and understand what their next step is.



Our mission is to enable students to build good habits that will help them overcome obstacles and reach their goals in their educational and professional careers. Our programs are designed to provide students with skills that they can take with them and apply independently. When a student leaves A1, they carry with them a toolkit to achieve lifelong learning. 



We help students succeed with empathy, encouragement, and humor. A1 teachers believe in forming a strong relationship with students based on mutual trust and respect. We aim to provide additional support and encouragement to make learning fun and enjoyable for students. A1 is not only a resource but also a community. 

Grace Shin - Boston University

"Navigating success is a difficult journey with [college] applications, SAT, etc., but A1 knows how to guide students in the right direction, whichever way that may be."