Results Oriented Coaching

We help students in elementary school, junior high, high school, and even college transfer students. We hire only the best staff, who know the in’s and out’s of every challenge and obstacle a student might face. We work with students one on one with their school work, college applications, SAT/ACT prep, class schedules, and even summer planning so that they will be in the best position to succeed. 

Why are we different?

Admissions Relationships


Our counselors cultivate close relationships with admissions departments at top universities, so we hear directly from admissions officers about what they want to see in an applicant. Through our national college fair, admissions representative visits, and admissions case studies students build personal connections so they can be more than anonymous applicants.

Our Counsellors


Our counselors are highly qualified professionals. We offer three levels of counselors based on the depth of their experiences both before and during their A1 tenures. The majority of A1 counselors serve at the Principal Level. Principal counselors have a comprehensive understanding of college admissions based on years of experience helping students overcome obstacles to achieve their admissions goals.

4th Industrial Revolution


We prepare students for the future, not just the present. To be successful in the 4th Industrial Revolution, students need to cultivate a strong sense of who they are as people; as thinkers; as members of a diverse, dynamic community; and as citizens of a complex and evolving world. 

Holistic Approach


Not only do we help increase our students’ GPA and standardized test scores, but we also focus on helping our students grow as leaders and active members of their communities. Through the non-profit organization, Hwarang, our students have the opportunity to participate in or develop their own personal service projects to gain real-world experience in an area of interest. 

Our process

Admissions Report


We get to know your student and put together a comprehensive evaluation of their background in academic, personal, and extracurricular areas.

Psychological Analysis


Our unique psychological analysis  allows our counselors to take the most efficient approach as they guide students through standardized tests. Understanding a student’s psychology means we can craft personalized test-taking strategies.

Testing Schedule


We organize a year by year strategy for standardized testing that helps student pick which tests to take, and how to best prepare to meet their score goals.  



Course planning, extracurricular choices, and summer plans are all integral parts to presenting the best  application. Our counselors help shape each student’s program of choice, offering guidance and opportunities to build a strong personal portfolio. 

Academic Niche


Every student has an academic edge. We will help you articulate and develop you unique skills, whether they lie in STEM or a creative field. 

Application Strategy


 Our program strives to help students find their college or university that best matches their individual strengths and interests. Our talented team of counselors have one goal in mind: to help students achieve both happiness and success.

Extracurricular Development


Through your extracurricular profile, colleges get a sense of what your interests and passions are, what fields you excel in, and whether you would fit in at the university.  We help guide students towards activities where they can excel and show colleges who they are.

Course Make-up Solutions


Students make mistakes, but we're here to help. Whether a student needs to make up a course or improve their transcript, our counsellors provide solutions and support.  Our expertise in tutoring and GPA management, and understanding of admissions perspectives help us craft a strategy to get students back on the right track.



Attending a top university doesn't have to be a financial burden. Our counsellors have extensive knowledge of available scholarships and can help students and their families find financial resources that make their goals possible.

Kevin Ock - NYU Shanghai

I consider A1 as an extension of my family. The loving and caring environment that they provide to students is what makes A1 unique. Not only the environment, skillful teachers are passionate and eager to help students all the time, and they never give up on students.


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