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A1 College Prep - Committed to Excellence in Education

A1 College Counseling is Different

Our holistic methods, relationships with Admissions Officers, and qualified counselors set us apart.

At A1 College Counseling, you will receive deeply personalized one-on-one counseling for as long as you need. We know that each student needs something different, and we help students of all levels - from elementary school through transfer students - find their perfect fit college.

Holistic Approach - We know that a student is more than their grades or their test scores - and colleges do too. That's why, with A1 College Counseling, students from elementary school through college are nurtured and encouraged to grow as whole people. Preparing for the future and the 4th Industrial Revolution means becoming passionate, driven, and creative - we help students get to know themselves and their desires in order to grow into people prepared for that future.

Admissions Relationships – We have close relationships with Admissions Officers at many schools across the country, so we know exactly what they are looking for in an applicant as things change over time. We also are able to invite officers to attend A1 exclusive events, where students can build personal relationships with them as well.

Our Counselors – Not only are our counselors highly educated, but they are also highly knowledgeable about all colleges and how to prepare and apply to them. We ensure that students are able to work with counselors that they are comfortable with and who fit their needs and interests so they can become excited and prepared for all that college has to offer.

Transfer Students - We also provide support for transfer students! For those looking to move from their current college, we provide online or in-person counseling similar to that available to high schoolers but with an emphasis on creating an academic plan that will ensure the student is meeting their target school's class requirements and graduate on their desired timeline.

Free Consultation

Not sure if College Counseling is right for you? Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our Head Counselor! 

Our Process


Psychological Analysis

We begin with a psychological analysis with a trained psychologist to help identify the student's strengths, preferences, and needs. This analysis alongside current academic reports will help us create a personalized counseling approach, and will also help the student connect to their true passions and academic niche. We know that colleges want students who love what they do, and we encourage all of our students to pursue their passions first and foremost!


Academic, Enrichment, and Test Planning

We organize a year-by-year class and testing strategy, helping students create the strongest academic course load, and create a thorough study and exam schedule, ensuring that the student's scores will rise quickly. We also maintain GPA management We help students choose extracurriculars and volunteer opportunities, summer programs, online college courses to build a strong personal portfolio. For those particularly driven students, we can provide an independent project track where students use classes and experiences outside of school to create a capstone project to be published or presented.


School Selection and Application

Finally, we work with the student and family to choose which schools would be a perfect fit, creating a list of target, reach, and safety schools that offer the academic, extracurricular, and environmental opportunities that are right for the student's development and passions. We then aid in all aspects of the application process, from the earliest essay brainstorm through the final application submission. We also provide thorough support for financial aid and scholarship applications, ensuring that financial limitations do not prohibit a student's dreams.

Transfer Students

We can get you to your dream school, no matter the stage of your journey!

We understand that sometimes you don't start at your perfect fit. Maybe you took a step in between before applying to your ideal school. No matter where you are or where you want to go, A1 can help. 

We apply the same process to our transfer students as we do our high schoolers, but with the highly specialized knowledge of the additional challenges transfers may face. We will provide you with a psychological analysis to help understand who you are and what you want and need, and then help build a plan for going forward. Through online or in-person sessions, we will help you:

  • Choose your classes to meet the requirements of your current school as well as your target school and degree to ensure that you are ready to enter your new school at the desired grade level. Our counselors have an in-depth knowledge of what credits transfer from and to where, and will help make sure you aren't wasting any of your precious time.
  • Build your resume and portfolio in order to show your target school just how special you are. We will help curate a list of jobs, internships, and extracurriculars for you to pursue to enrich yourself and your application.
  • Apply to your list of schools! Our team of application consultants and editors will make sure you have the best, most unique and personal series of essays, and our financial aid advisors will help ensure you have the resources to go where you best fit without financial stress.


Kevin Ock ~ NYU Shanghai

I consider A1 as an extension of my family. The loving and caring environment that they provide to students is what makes A1 unique. Not only the environment, skillful teachers are passionate and eager to help students all the time, and they never give up on students.


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