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Books To Read Before College (pdf)



Andrew Flusche Scholarship

Deadline is November 30

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College Scholarship

Deadline is December 1

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Resume Genius Scholarship

Deadline is December 12

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CKSF Scholarship

Deadline varies. Check website.

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JumpStart Summer Program

Deadline varies. Check website.

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Dell Scholars Program

Deadline is January 15th!

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The SAT vs. the act

Which should I take?

The Princeton Review

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Kaplan Test Prep

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Take the ACT or the SAT?

Prep Scholar

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Ted talks

The Key to Success? Grit.

Angela Lee Duckworth

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Try Something New for 30 Days

Matt Cutts

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Secrets of Success

Richard St. John

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College Advice

Advice for High School Seniors

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Getting into College....

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10 Tips About College Majors

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Study tips

Top 10 Study Tips for High School Students

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12 Study Tips for Back to School

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How to Study Better in High School

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College Interview Tips

Top College Interview Tips

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14 College Interview Questions

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Interview Etiquette

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